Selecting the Appropriate Artwork Themes for Your Interiors

Should you be considering a subtle interior makeover, we’ve compiled this useful guide showcasing some of the most favoured artwork themes available. These suggestions aim to inspire and guide your choice in wall art, ensuring you cultivate the ambiance you desire.


The wildlife theme encompasses both flora and fauna, presenting a vast range of possibilities. We’re fond of wildlife photography for its ability to invigorate a space. Conversely, serene images of plants, trees, and flowers evoke a more tranquil and contemplative mood.

Graphic Art/Design

Contemporary graphic art typically showcases two-dimensional designs emphasising lines and shades. These striking pieces are versatile, complementing a range of interior styles. They can elicit strong feelings, stimulate discussion and serve as a prominent focal point.


Currently, artworks adorned with inspirational quotes or significant moments penned in an array of stylish typefaces are all the rage. Such pieces are bound to encourage, captivate, and uplift.


Abstract art encompasses a spectrum of emotions, contingent on the specific piece. There’s undoubtedly something to align with your interior decor and personal preference. Preferred spots for abstract artworks often include living rooms, bedrooms, and corridors.


Landscape paintings or photographs typically evoke serene dining and sleeping areas or a peaceful living room setting. Nonetheless, beyond these tranquil depictions, there’s an assortment of vibrant, invigorating landscape artworks well-suited for more eclectic or lively interiors.

Religious and Spiritual Imagery

For those drawn to religious or spiritual pursuits, an elegant tribute to your beliefs in the living room, meditation space, or another area can be a splendid addition to your home. Such artworks also enhance corridors and landings.

Still Life

Still life paintings or photographs, especially those of food, are apt for the kitchen and dining areas. They tantalise the senses and introduce vibrant culinary inspiration.

Consider a bespoke feature wall with our hand-finished gallery frame sets, showcasing delightful food photography, the ideal embellishment for your kitchen.

Film/Pop Culture Art

Enthusiasts of pop culture can revel in showcasing their favourite film posters or beloved celebrities. Displaying a captivating piece of their idol’s artwork can be a delightful touch.

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